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Dorchester is proud to offer saltwater and freshwater fishing adventures!

Whether you are interested in a full or half day saltwater excursion, there are many species that may be targeted during a saltwater fishing excursion with one of Dorchester’s Captains. In shore and offshore trips allow anglers of all skill levels to enjoy the finer points of the Georgia coast.

Inshore trips, both half and full day, will allow you to remain on calm seas near the barrier islands. Taste the salt air, wet a line and take in some much awaited excitement targeting species such as the magnificent Tarpon, Speckled Trout, Spot Tail Bass and even Flounder. Be ready to catch live bait in the morning, and then head out to the secret spots for fishing and fun for the whole family.

Young or seasoned, novice or expert, allow us to custom design a unique, personalized adventure for each angler in your group. 50% deposit due to guarantee reservations with balance due upon departure. It is our goal to exceed your expectations. Allow us to specialize an itinerary for you today! For more information and reservations contact Dorchester Sales & Operations at 912.884.6999 or

Inshore Fishing

From April-December, many desirable species may be caught within the calm, sheltered waters of our sounds. Redfish, trout, whiting, and flounder are targeted using a combination of live bait and artificial lures. Short runs and calm waters make these trips comfortable for a wide audience. The Privateer is generally used for inshore trips and may accommodate up to four guests.

Nearshore Fishing

From May-October, a multitude of exciting sport fish come to our coast to feed, spawn, and generally cause me many sleepless nights in anticipation of the day to come. Fueled mainly by the migration of menhaden; Tarpon, sharks, bull redfish, Spanish mackerel, cobia, tripletail, and jack crevalle are a few of the characters that may appear during this exciting time of year. Although tarpon generally reign king, one can’t discount the speed and jumping ability of a giant black tip shark, power of a bull red, or table fare of a tripletail. With big, powerful fish close to shore the ingredients for a successful day are close at hand. The Privateer or Parker may be used for these trips and may accommodate up to 4 or 6 guests respectively.

Sight Fishing for Redfish

Few things in nature rival the sight of a 12 pound redfish tailing in water that hardly covers its back. Nervous water signaling a school of fish over a mud flat on a cool, calm morning is a memory not soon forgotten either. Shallow water sight fishing for redfish is one of our specialties and we work hard to maximize your experience in this arena nearly 12 months of the year. Utilizing a 17’ Mitzi Skiff, we are able to access the shallow areas that these bruisers inhabit in a way that is comfortable to the angler. Fly or spin, from novice to expert, the excitement generated from the visual aspect of these outings make it very addictive. Please limit the group to 2 or less to maximize your experience. Other boats can be arranged for larger groups upon request.


Imagine a calm summer day, schools of lazy tarpon floating, rolling and fining all around the boat. As you sight cast to these silver giants with artificial lures you hook up fish after fish in disbelief of the scene you are witnessing. Sounds like heaven to me, but you must be talking about Boca Grande, or somewhere in the Keys. Wrong. This is Georgia tarpon fishing at its finest. Captain Roger Burge has spent his life in pursuit of these amazing and unpredictable sport fish. He has had the opportunity to catch them from the Caribbean, to the Gulf of Mexico, and up the East Coast. After years of persistence and dedication Captain Roger has developed the necessary tools to consistently “put ‘em in the air”. By utilizing a combination of tactics and techniques including artificial lures, live bait, and fly fishing equipment Captain Roger is able to maximize clients’ chance to catch a tarpon based on the daily conditions. You will not find anyone that will work harder to catch your tarpon. The Privateer is used for these trips and can accommodate up to 4 people.

Bull Redfish

Redfish spend the first 3-4 years of their lives in fertile inshore waters, reaching a size of around 30” or 10-12 pounds. At that point they become mature and spend the rest of their lives offshore where they grow upwards of 50 pounds and may live to be 40 years old. These adults spawn in the fall and then move into near shore waters to feed and regain the weight lost during reproduction. This provides an excellent catch and release opportunity to catch a redfish of a lifetime. Fish caught during this time of the year, October-November, consistently weigh 20-40 pounds with some tipping the scales even further. The Privateer or Parker may be used for this near shore trip, depending on the size of the group.