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Pheasant Hunting

Continental Pheasant Shoots

Pheasant shooting isn’t just for hunters in the mid-west! Throughout the hunting season, Dorchester organizes Continental Pheasant Shoots, an activity that offers high volume shooting that is perfect for a corporate outing or entertaining multiple guests.

Here’s How It Works:
During a pheasant hunt, participants (in pairs) occupy one of 12 stations located in a circle approximately 150 yards from a 60-foot tower. The stations are situated approximately 50-60 yards apart.

The shooting round begins when a signal is given from the tower. All guns are to remain unloaded until the signal is given. Once the pheasants for that shooting round have been released, and the downed birds are retrieved, another signal will be given to end the shooting round.

Hunters unload their guns, and rotate clockwise to the next shooting station; no shooting is allowed while rotating stations. Once each pair of hunters has arrived at the next station, another signal is given and the next shooting round will begin. The shoot continues in this manner until each pair of hunters has visited all stations.

Continental Pheasant Shoot Package

$300 per shooter

Including 10 Pheasants
Southern Country Buffet Lunch Served at 12:00pm
Bird Cleaning and Packaging Available for $18

Ammunition and Beretta gun rentals are available through the Dorchester Hunt Shop.

50% Deposit Due to Guarantee Reservations, Balance Due Upon Departure. It is our goal to exceed your expectations. Allow us to specialize an itinerary for you today!

For more information on upcoming scheduled pheasant shoots and reservations contact Dorchester Sales & Operations at 912.884.6999 or

A Hunting Dog With A Rooster Pheasant
Male Common Pheasants, Phasianus Colchicus, Displaying In Front
Pheasant In Flight
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