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Argentina Hunting

For the past 20 years Chuck Gaskin has personally organized memorable, high volume Argentina hunting trips for dove, ducks and pigeons and for the last 14 years solely through Frontera Wingshooting. Frontera has 4 world class lodges in Argentina…each specializing in either duck/fishing, doves, or pigeon shooting. As Chuck says, “Argentina is a wingshooting paradise and Frontera’s five star lodges and service are second to none.” For more information and reservations contact Dorchester Sales & Operations at 912.884.6999 or

La Zenaida Lodge

La Zenaida Lodge

A dream come true, when we set off in the ambitious project of building our own hunting lodge, we were captivated by the millions of doves that live and nest in the region and decided that piece of land was the right spot in the world. And so we built La Zenaida lodge, and named it after the scientific name of this dove species, “Zenaida Auriculata.”

Located just a few meters away from one of the largest and most compact dove roosts in Argentina and right on a dove flyway, La Zenaida is just the perfect place for a thrilling high-volume dove shooting experience with an experienced team that runs a flawless operation.

La Zenaida Lodge is geographically located 85 miles (140 kms) east of Cordoba International Airport. Driving time from the airport to the lodge is only 1 hour and 40 minutes and you will be spoiled with our delicious dove empanadas during the journey.

Decorated in the traditional Patagonian and Northern Argentinean style, La Zenaida offers all modern amenities: cosy en-suite bedrooms, a comfortable living-room with a fully stocked complimentary bar, a large dining-room and a great recreation area with a wonderful view of the green fields, where you will occasionally see pumas (mountain lions) walking around at night.

With the best Argentine beef and quality ingredients, the chef creates an array of delicious traditional specialties and international dishes. His mouth-watering menus are complemented by carefully selected Argentine wines.

We assure you that from the moment you arrive to La Zenaida Lodge, service is personalized and attention is paid to every imaginable detail. This standard is kept up by house staff and guides, making this dove shooting program hard to beat.

El Paraiso Lodge

El Paraiso Lodge

El Paraiso was designed by an American architect with a unique style and it is characterized by its rich history. The lodge is decorated with a great collection of Argentinean trophies.

There are six huge bedrooms with private bathrooms. The large living room with its fire place, right in the heart of the building is the common area where the warmth and pleasant, relaxed familiar atmosphere is enhanced.

The cuisine is exquisitely led by our professional chefs with years of experience in cooking Argentinean and international foods for hunters from all over the world. The chef creates an array of delicious traditional specialties and international dishes with the best Argentine beef and quality ingredients.

We personally and carefully select every Argentine wine to complement the chef’s hard to beat menus.

At Frontera Wingshooting we take pride in paying attention to every detail and ensure that, from the moment you arrive to El Paraiso Lodge, service is personalized and high standards are maintained all throughout your stay.

Montaraz Lodge

Montaraz Lodge

Montaraz Lodge is the most exclusive pigeon shooting lodge in Cordoba, Argentina. The historical setting is an architectural treasure characterized by its exquisite colonial style. The premises were built in the second half of the 17th century; now completely renovated, Montaraz provides luxury and comfort so that you can enjoy the best shooting experience ever.

Montaraz Lodge is geographically located 75 miles (122kms) North of Cordoba International Airport. Driving time from the airport to the lodge is 2 hours, and you will be spoiled with our delicious dove empanadas during the journey.

Located between the “Sierras Chicas” and the “Sierras Grandes”, this elegantly restored 17th century Estancia is decorated with the ease of friendly colonial style and it is surrounded by wide verandas overlooking lovely gardens and orchards, even a lake. It offers 9 en-suite bedrooms to accommodate a maximum of 17 guests, a comfortable living room and a spacious, fully stocked wine cellar and complimentary bar. It has a large dining room designed for great relaxation and dining.

The chef will delight you with their exquisite traditional and international dishes, accompanied with our wines produced with carefully selected grapes from our own vineyards.

Veracruz Lodge

Veracruz Lodge

Veracruz Lodge is a cozy thatch-roofed lodge with the most spectacular views of the Parana River. Its beautiful landscape and relaxing atmosphere makes of our lodge a wonderful setting to spare and relax after enjoying the best shooting and fishing ever.

The Lodge is geographically located in the town of San Javier, 105 miles (170kms) south of the province of Santa Fe. Driving time from the airport to the lodge is 2 hours.Also, it is 372 miles (600kms) north of Buenos Aires, a 6-hour drive or a 1 hour flight.

Veracruz offers 5 bedrooms with private bathrooms, and can accommodate 10 guests. You will marvel at the exquisite and traditional dishes our professional chefs will prepare for your stay. Plus, at Veracruz, you will enjoy the best selection of Argentinean wines and get spoiled with delicious and traditional Argentinean desserts.

While you are at the Lodge, it is yours to enjoy; from the comfortable living-room with its inviting fireplace, to the dining-room, offering beautiful views of open fields and the Parana River shore.